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field house

The Field House at ALL PLAY is the perfect multi-use space for competitions and practice across various sports (soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball and others). The Field House is divided between basketball/volleyball hardwood courts and indoor turf with a curtain between that can be lifted to expand the total usable square footage. Incorporated within the large turf foot print is professional speed and agility training for elite athletes along with fitness and training classes for all ages and abilities.


The area can be covered and converted into event space for boxing, trade shows, college fairs, family days and charity events. Our facility is outfitted with powerful and environmentally friendly LED lights to mirror daylight accompanied with state of the art HVAC system that ensures even heating and cooling temperatures throughout the space for every season. The space contains an optimal in-house sound system, wireless mic, along with wireless internet available for all customers.


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