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outdoor golf range

ALL PLAY owns the exclusive rights to the BigShots Golf franchise for the entire State of New Jersey as well as New York City, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia. This gives ALL PLAY market dominance over two of the five largest city markets in the United States.


BigShots Golf offers the real golf experience with a full size outdoor driving range from climate controlled Tee Boxes which creates an interactive experience when coupled with our unique entertaining software created for all ages and skill levels. The Tee Box software is designed to be very easy to use yet robust enough to handle procedures like an easy check-in process, payment processing, extending time as needed, and the most extensive library of practice modes and games that you will find in the golf entertainment market. All of these operations can be easily carried out directly by players in the tee box without further assistance of staff. Unlike our competitors, our software and system is designed to entertain all levels of age and skill set. The software includes game titles like BigShots Islands, Knockout, Pinball and more. These games can be played just by our guests only within their Tee Box, or they can use our Live Play feature and compete against other Tee Boxes or even other facilities using our BigShots Golf software. Live Play sessions are extremely popular and the competition is fun and exciting!


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